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Ask the magic eight ball!

Usage: ,8ball {question}


looks like achievement in minecraft

Usage: ,achievement {text}


Random photo of cats!

Usage: ,cat


Get a random dog fact!

Usage: ,catfacts


I choose...

Usage: ,choose {args1} {args2}


Roll the dice!

Usage: ,dice


Random photo of dogs!

Usage: ,dog


Get a random dog fact!

Usage: ,dogfacts


Wow! Much doge! Such amazing!

Usage: ,doge {text}


Send random emotes

Usage: ,emoji


How gay are you

Usage: ,gay [user]


Paw! Paw!

Usage: ,kill {user}


Get a random memes!

Usage: ,meme


Get a random photo of pikachu!

Usage: ,pikachu


Press F to pay respect!

Usage: ,respect


Spin the slots and win the jackpot! ...or lose everything.

Usage: ,slots



Usage: ,xd {args}


Ban a user

Usage: ,ban {user} [reason]


Kick a user

Usage: ,kick {user} [reason]


Kick a user, but delete all messages from a user

Usage: ,softban {user} [reason]


Delete a number of messages from a channel.

Usage: ,purge {number}


Add/remove a user to a role or roles.

Usage: ,role {add/remove} {role} {user}


Say with blobdance (animation emoji)

Usage: ,blobdance {text}


* Claps *

Usage: ,clap {text}


What ur mom says...

Usage: ,momsay {text}


What te god says...

Usage: ,jesussay {text}


* insert lenny face here *

Usage: ,lenny


OwO! What's this?

Usage: ,owo {text}


Same as blobdance, but it's a parrot!

Usage: ,parrot {text}


Make the bot say whatever you want!

Usage: ,say {text}


Same as say, but delete your message afterwards

Usage: ,sayd {text}


* insert shrug here *

Usage: ,shrug


M a k e t h e b o t s a y w h a t e v e r y o u w a n t !

Usage: ,space {text}


Same as blobdance, but it's wumpus!

Usage: ,wumpus {text}


Hug someone! :3

Usage: ,hug {user}


Kiss someone!

Usage: ,kiss {user}


* pats *

Usage: ,pat {user}


* Boops *

Usage: ,poke {user}


* slaps someone *

Usage: ,slap {user}


Get a user's avatar.

Usage: ,avatar [user]


Flip a coin.

Usage: ,flipcoin


Add this bot to your server!

Usage: ,invite



Usage: ,ping


Generator random numbers!

Usage: ,randomnumber


Searching on Google!

Usage: ,search {text}


Get about the emoji!

Usage: ,emojiinfo {emoji}


Get emoji's avatar!

Usage: ,emojiavatar {emoji}


Get the server member count.

Usage: ,membercount


Get about the server!

Usage: ,serverinfo


Get about the bot!

Usage: ,stats


Get about the user!

Usage: ,userinfo [user]

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